Our Team


Heather Eldred

Heather is an executive business leader with over 20 years experience across multiple industries. She has a proven reputation for leading companies to dramatic bottom line growth through increased operational efficiency, effective financial oversight, and transformative business development. Her approach always factors in an organization’s most … More >>


Andrey Maslov

Andrey is an expert in research, analysis, human-centered design, and technical communication. As the former operations manager of a top market research firm, Andrey managed a team conducting quantitative and qualitative research. He is an expert in modern market research methods, and has developed a reputation for smart research instrument design … More >>


Amber Lee

Amber has more than 20 years experience as a successful executive in marketing, communications, and brand strategy. Her ability to balance creative and analytical thinking has made her a trusted partner to some of Alaska’s largest industries, as well as national and international organizations. Her work is data driven, agile, and always tied to measurable … More >>


Sarah Andrews

Sarah has lead projects, teams, and client relations for all types of companies from nonprofits to governmental agencies and fortune 500 companies. She has worked for B2B and market research agencies in Anchorage, Portland, and San Francisco, coordinating international teams, leading projects and outreach, and assisting with research strategy … More >>


Leslie Williams Crocker

Leslie is a financial and management consultant whose focus is on financial compliance with Federal procurement rules and regulations. She is a CPA, has a Master’s degree in contract management and is a certified compliance and ethics professional. She is a former Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) senior auditor out of the Alaska … More >>


Erin McKann

Erin is a contracts management professional with 20 years of experience in legal and contracting roles for highly successful Alaska Native Corporations and their subsidiaries. Her expertise in corporate entity acquisition and development, Small Business Administration (SBA) program compliance, corporate … More >>


Keegan Fritts

Keegan has over 11 years of experience specializing in government contracting. He has extensive experience in contract management, procurement, implementing policies and procedures, and client relations. Keegan’s experience also involves travel to remote job sites to establish home office culture onsite … More >>


Kayce Wheeler Byrne

Kayce brings over 15 years of experience in visual design and marketing, exceptional project management skills, and a passion for delivering effective and thoughtful designs that adhere to brand identity and values. She has an unparalleled work ethic and proven abilities to deliver … More >>


Shelley Abrams

Shelley is a seasoned professional in the specialty fields of technical writing, curriculum development, data collection, analysis, compliance, and auditing. She has overseen large efforts of contractual and regulatory compliance in California and holds an MBA in Management Information Systems … More >>


Ashley Taborsky

Ashley is an experienced account and project manager with proven abilities to deliver strategic, creative campaigns that meet and exceed quality, schedule, and budget requirements. Ashley is also one of the most accomplished digital strategists in the state of Alaska with award-winning sitemap creation … More >>


Holland Kaviani

Holland is a UX/UI designer who uses human-centered design principles, competitor analysis and user research to develop interactive tools. She designs website strategy, creating original content that will enhance SEO and increase brand visibility, recognition, and ultimately, new customer acquisitions … More >>


Eric Buhrman

With 20 years in the design industry, Eric has personally designed hundreds of pieces of creative for private companies and nonprofits in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Experienced in both the corporate and agency world, he supports in-house teams and agencies in creating effective web design … More >>